About Us

Why Us

Let Bluejack Builder’s professional team of experts guide you through every stage of the construction and remodeling process.  From the initial conceptualization and custom design stages, through all the individual selections and construction management, to the final details of the construction being carried out.  Bluejack Builders is dedicated to having your job exceed your expectations all the while ensuring a unique and functional addition to your life.

Design & Conceptualization

With our innovation, awareness, and a design sense that is driven by character and uniqueness, our design team will guide you through the entire concepting phase and design process. From designing a custom plan to selecting finishes, Bluejack Builders is with you every step of the way.


Bluejack Builders believes in offering you the most comprehensive and complete estimate possible for your project. This is done under no obligation to you, adding peace of mind in knowing exactly what the total costs will be. With our industry knowledge and our extensive planning, in conjunction with our proven vendors and our industry-specific professionals, we eliminate the chance of surprise and overages.


Our expert construction management team, in conjunction with our lead designer, works with you to create your dream home and answer any questions you may have. With daily site supervision, you can trust Bluejack Builders and their professional team. Every job is carried out with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship possible, ensuring a success.

Following Up

Bluejack Builders guarantees 100% the quality of work, along with the service and care they provide. From the very last day of the job and on, we remain in contact with all of our clients, ensuring satisfaction, answering questions, and maintaining and protecting our quality work.

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Bluejack Builders was founded by Andy Sonnen and Chad Schillinger in June 2005. In the start of the enterprise, they summed up their business philosophy in the simple motto of “reviving traditional quality, craftsmanship, and service to build your family’s dreams for the future.”

In reflection of the motto came the name, Bluejack Builders. A Bluejack is a type of oak tree. It’s a masterpiece of nature that beautifies where ever it is located, representing strength and quality, and transcends beauty that appeals to all. These are the characteristics of a job done right, a Bluejack Builders job.

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